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home-slideshow-2Our Mission

Celebrating! Celebrating every day, celebrating every occasion, celebrating every holiday! We are selling fun, happiness, whimsy, the joy of cooking and entertaining, and special family connections! We want you to put on one of our aprons and have it lift your spirits just by wearing it! We want our aprons to reflect your personality and your interests. And most importantly, we would like our aprons to inspire you to cook more!

Eating a meal should be a pleasant experience, not something you do while driving or running around! Cook with love! Get your friends and family involved, even if it’s a small part of the process. We hope to help you become excited about preparing a meal!

We make aprons that help celebrate holidays as well as everyday food preparation. We believe that every meal should be a joyous and celebratory event! We believe strongly in the joy of cooking and entertaining! For daily meal preparation, we hope that wearing our aprons helps elevate the mundane to a joyous and pleasurable occasion! Our aprons reflect themes for the occasion. We also have children’s aprons- matching aprons for mothers and daughters, as well as boy-themed aprons for the little guys! And so we don’t leave anyone out, we have aprons for men also!

ca-founder-annegrassoworkingOur History

It started years ago with a simple enough idea when I saw this gorgeous fabric with beautiful fruit on it! Hmm . . . what to make with it- tablecloth, placemats, napkins? Nothing jumped out at me, but I couldn’t forget how smitten I was with that fabric.  One evening after I had spilled olive oil on my shirt (yet again) while fixing dinner, it suddenly occurred to me that an apron would be PERFECT for that fabric! So I ran to the fabric store and looked and looked, but that beautiful fabric was nowhere to be found. As I started to look around and pay more attention to the cotton fabrics, my mind started racing- there had to be lots of fabric with culinary themes that would make wonderful aprons!!  Only. . . there weren’t! A few fabrics here and there would fit the bill, but overall the cotton fabrics manufactured are geared primarily for quilters.

So I made it my mission to seek out fabrics that are bright, colorful, and reflect food or cooking. But then I saw other themed fabrics that would make wonderful aprons for those who have a particular interest or vocation- teachers, cyclists, gardeners, dog lovers, you name it!! After a friend of mine told me she started keeping chickens, I even found some fabric to make aprons for her and others who share that interest!

Fast-forward to the present: after many twists and turns, intermittent doubt and fear, I finally have launched Celebration Aprons! In a very large section of my bedroom I have lots of colorful fabric, a sewing machine, fairly good lighting, and racks and racks of aprons!  I am so grateful to be able to do this- to inspire others to enjoy themselves in the kitchen and make healthy food for family and friends!  We are very proud of our handmade items and hope you enjoy wearing our aprons as much as we enjoy making them!!

One more thing- when I say “we” or “our” I mean me. Just me!


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