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Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

This is truly one of the easiest and most delicious tomatoes recipes in existence!! And versatile, too! I use Roma tomatoes for this recipe and it has never failed me. I almost always cook the tomatoes overnight- this is one of just a few recipes I can get motivated to make at 9:00 PM or later! And the reward? A wonderful batch of roasted tomatoes and a kitchen that smells oh-so-good!

Drink More Water

Is it possible to read an article about healthy lifestyle choices and NOT see the phrase “Drink more water?” We seem to be a culture that carries a coffee cup or water bottle with us wherever we go, but we are constantly reminded to “Drink more water.”

Let’s face it: water is pretty boring! It’s just not very exciting to grab a glass from the cupboard and stick it under the faucet, or pull out yet another bottle of water from the fridge.

My Delicious Better Butter Recipe

Doesn’t everyone love butter? It makes everything taste better! But we all know that we should be limiting our daily intake of fats, so I have come up with a recipe I call “Better Butter.” I have been making this recipe for years, and everyone who tastes it loves it! It gives you the taste of butter but is half plant-based. It spreads so easily! And it’s simple to make: only 2 ingredients!!

Granola Recipe

One of my favorite recipes is homemade granola. Yes, I know you can buy it anywhere and everywhere. But it’s so easy to make a large batch and it will keep for such a long time if you store it properly, why not make your own? You can put exactly what you want in it, so it’s custom made just for you!

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