Celebration Aprons - Small Batch Aprons

Wearing and Caring for Your Aprons

ca-girlsstrawberriesA few things to keep in mind when wearing your Celebration Apron:

  • The neck strap d-rings allow for adjusting the apron around your neck. You want the apron to be high enough to keep you clean while at the same time fitting easily over your head- without messing up your hair! Once you have your adjustment made, you can leave it as is or tie the long strap around the d-rings, similar to what many chefs do!

  • The aprons are made of 100% cotton, so they will wrinkle if you store them in a kitchen drawer! We recommend hanging on a hook, which also makes it more convenient to quickly put away.

  • Your aprons will become stained if you use them often! And they should! When that happens, don’t forget to grab a stain stick as soon as you can! You can also soak your apron in a product like OxyClean. For mild stains place your apron outside in full sunlight so the sun can bleach out the stains. We purposefully choose prints for most of our aprons because they will hide stains better. And remember, stains on an apron are like stains on a recipe card- a badge of honor!

  • After washing and drying your apron, place it on a hanger or hook immediately after removing it from the dryer. If you prefer, you may want to iron your apron.

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